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Leopard Print Coir

Leopard Print Coir

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Our latex coir mats are premium quality with a latex backing and the coir has been mechanically twisted for less shedding. They’re made from 100% natural coir (renewable resources; coir fibre, jute and natural latex). The rubber latex backing reduces the risk of slipping and helps the mat stay flat to the floor with no curling. The coconut hair (natural coir) offers fantastic scraping qualities for muddy shoes and boots and absorbs water well, meaning your floors stay cleaner for longer. The doormat is suitable for all weathers, all year round and mainly used outdoors but can be used indoors too. The 'Welcome' message lifts the mat and welcomes your guests, it can be used at the door, porch, greenhouse, shed, conservatory, patios or anywhere you want. The doormat is 100% biodegradable so when you’ve finished with the mat the natural coir will disintegrate with one year and the latex compound will disintegrate within five years, subject to soil conditions. The packaging and kimbles are recyclable too.


  • Fun welcome spot design lifts the mat and welcomes your guests at the door
  • 100% natural coir (coconut hair) with rubber latex backing
  • The coconut hair provides a strong surface trapping the dirt as you scrape
  • Our coir is mechanically twisted for less shedding, the coir strands stay on your mat and not on the floor
  • Rubber latex backing reduces risk of slipping while wiping your feet
  • 15mm pile depth means the coir will deep get into the soles of boots and shoes
  • Natural coir will disintegrate with one year
  • 100% biodegradable – when the mat comes to the ends of its life the mats is biodegradable so great for the planet
  • Latex compound will disintegrate within five years, subject to soil conditions
  • Our packaging is recyclable too
  • Size: 40x60cm approx.
  • Weight: 1.5kg approx.

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