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Artisan Kiss



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OVER 10,000 SOLD WORLDWIDE EVERY YEAR From the Amazing producer of fine quality doormats "ARTISAN KISS"   ARTISAN KISS is a purveyor of fine quality doormats with a twist, purchased under licence you will NOT find these items anywhere else on the net. These are unique in their design and hand finished in the UK Coir (Indoor) NATURAL COIR / COCONUT HUSK40x70cm and 1.5cm thicknessUNIQUE STENCILLED DESIGNINDOOR USE ONLY use with an external matBRUSH DOWN TO CLEAN do not shakeALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE Washable Nylon (Indoor) WASHABLE DIRT TRAPPER TECHNOLOGY40x70cm and 0.8cm thicknessUNIQUE ENGRAVED DESIGNINDOOR USE ONLY use with an external matMACHINE WASHABLE 30 DEGREES & LINE DRYALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE Synthetic Coir (Outdoor) SYNTHETIC COIR with rounded corners40x70cm and 1.0 cm thicknessUNIQUE ENGRAVED & STENCILLED DESIGNINTERNAL or EXTERNAL USE HOSE DOWN TO CLEANALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE Each mat is unique in its design and manufacture We are sure that you will love our designs as much as we do!

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