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Hug Rug

Ribbon Grey Zig Zag

Ribbon Grey Zig Zag

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This indoor barrier mat is part of our best selling plains collection. Our original plains have such a great range of colours that we've created these gorgeous CANDY mats using a mixture of the fibres to create subtle stripes and zig zags.

Our cotton Hug Rugs are manufactured at our mills in Yorkshire using recycled materials so they're great for the environment as well as being brilliant at keeping your floors clean. They trap up to 95% of dust, dirt and mud and are super absorbent. We have now added Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial technology to all our plain Hug Rugs too, so they are even more effective at keeping your home hygienic & safe!

Why we're sure you'll love our Hug Rugs:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Traps up to 95% of dirt, dust and mud
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Absorb up to 3x their own weight in water

When a Hug Rug is treated with our Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial technology it gives the mat added freshness, stain protection and extended product life. Formulated to provide excellent durability, treated products continue to offer performance after multiple cleanings or extended exposure to environmental stresses. For full technical details see here.

  • *Tested and proven to be effective against representative types of virus, Feline Coronavirus and Influenza H I N I.
  • Proven to control up to 99.9% & inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the mat - including MRSA, E.Coli and S.Choleraesuis.
  • Ensures long lasting hygiene and freshness.
  • Built in resistance to the growth of odour causing and harmful bacteria and/or mould and mildew, so extending the life of the mat.
  • Shown to be effective against dust mites and associated allergens.
  • Non-migrating technology: migration to the skin or release into the environment.
  • Durable to domestic washing at 30C.

We back our Hug Rugs with a 5-year guarantee!

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