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Coco & Coir

Red Rust Welcome

Red Rust Welcome

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Accented with crosses, scrolls and flourishing ivies, the rubber trim of this anti-slip doormat has been moulded to give it a decorative personality.

Durable rubber set coir doormat with ridges to catch dust. The classy ornamental border confines a natural coir welcome mat in order to absorb, attract and trap moisture, dirt and mud.


  • Natural, sustainable and organic coir bristles
  • Long bristles absorb and hold dirt, small stones and water
  • 9mm doormat, which is tough, durable and long-lasting, yet thinner to accommodate lower drop doors.
  • Thick anti-slip hardwearing natural rubber backing prevents slipping even on smooth floors
  • Natural coconut coir colour provides natural style with durability
  • Suitable as outdoor doormats to remove mud and dirt before entering your home
  • Welcoming people into your home without the mess
  • Adding personality and touch of class to an office or workplace
  • As an outdoor mat for covered entrance ways
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